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JL SaVant

Independent Recording Artist. Song Writer.

New Here? Then Please Read Me!

First and foremost I'd Like to genuinely thank you for visiting my site in the first place.  For real it means the world to me. As an independent artist who aim's to forever remain independent, it was absolutely imperative that I established a means to connect to you directly. 


It's my sincerest belief that the time, energy, pain, and passion that we artists put into our music should be compensated without predatory label deals. Not to mention, the fraction of a cent (literally $0.003 cent per stream) that Spotify gives us feels like a slap in the face honestly. 


So with that said,  You can scroll down to hear a lil sumn sumn but my full catalogue is over on the music page.  Poke around a bit, if ya like what you're hearing and wanna support then by all means please go ahead make a purchase.  It's going to be a long road and we're just getting started, but none of it would be possible without YOU!  

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Thanks for joining!

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